Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mohican Outdoor Center, Catfish Pond, Kittatiny Ridge, Delaware Watergap National Recreation Area: Fishing for Return

Mohican Outdoor Center on Kittatiny Ridge is a great place to stay, and camping under the stars last night, the weather fly of the tent not obscuring vision through netting, felt wild and wonderful. Since I forgot fires are prohibited, I left the Coleman stove at home. So we ate in Blairstown on the way to Blue Mountain and Crater lakes, or so we thought. Since Hurricane Irene, the road is still in disrepair. This results from the breakdown of our economy and  Federal Government of course, and I'm not blaming the President. 

These two gorgeous lakes sit high in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. I wonder if the road will ever open again, whether or not from hereon these lakes will be accessible only by long foot hike as our entire civilization crumbles as has this road, leaving us all in the cold, reduced to being savages as was the case after Rome fell not all that many years ago, really. Glacial Crater Lake, after all, is much older than ancient Rome.

We stopped at Watergate Park for lunch and checking about for bass and snakes, found neither. Then we went back into Blairstown for coffee and snacks, and back to Mohican, which features a beautiful, clear water glacier lake, Catfish Pond. I fished, starting out very slow as far as confidence and energy return goes. I tried a Husky Jerk and settled on a Senko for the most part. I did tempt a pickerel to strike, but otherwise failed to find fish, although I finally got energy coming back to me. Don't make fishing--or anything else if you can manage--work. Don't just expend energy, exercise energy with focused intent so that more comes back to you. Play. Why reduce a being--you--here to enjoy and gain through life to a machine-like function of work?


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