Thursday, January 17, 2013

Temperature & Senses & Attitude the Cloud Illusion, Adjusting to Winter

Temperature's an oddity. In my boyhood I detested winter and felt surges of hope when 50 degrees peaked or surpassed. The feel of temperature is sensed directly and yet less tangibly than air breathed, water swum in, or metal touched. It conditions human life in ways usually taken for granted. It has effects on the sense of touch that are absolute, yet how it affects you depends on attitude to some degree.

Thinking I would never get over my aversion to cold, I have adjusted especially by spending NJ winters commercial clamming in wetsuits. Ice fishing, some of my most memorable outings took place at zero degrees Fahrenheit. People who love hot weather may be energetic, outgoing, expansive since heat is a higher energy expansion of molecules, so the analogy fits. It takes some extra energy to function well in what most people feel to be oppressive. Some people seem to rise to the challenge and the heat feels good to them as if it resonates with what their spiritual, energetic, emotional, and sexual nature.

Regarding the senses and temperature, can anyone see temperature? No, but environmental cues can suggest it. That black and white photo of clouds over Round Valley Reservoir illumined by a grayish, dim light places focal emphasis on those clouds, which may suggest cold, icy skies as if temperature were made more concrete than it is, a sort of illusion. It wasn't cold today. 44 degrees. 

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