Monday, August 11, 2014

Gorham Mountain, Otter Cliffs, Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park

The trail up Gorham Mountain--about 525 feet at summit, but right over the ocean--divides. We took the steep cliff's trail up, and I recommend it. The rocks add texture to the hike and are great to admire as you move among them.

Next time we come to Mount Desert Island, Matt is climbing Otter Cliffs. There's an arrangement that can be made with the climbing school featured in one of the photos below.

We obviously caught the fog. From Gorham summit, fog nestled scenes below. And after we descended and moved among the rocks seaside, fog lifted off the water and then obscured the summit above, so timing moved in our favor.

 I wouldn't say getting through these schist piles is tricky, but is very tangible.

 Matt found a cave.
 It goes back about 15 feet around the corner to the right.

 Fog below.

 Belladonna. The berries in the background are deadly poison. Found this growing among the rocks by the sea.

 And then fog above.

 Rock climbers you can sign on with.

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