Monday, July 20, 2015

Knee Deep Hybrid Striped Bass Contest a Success, Walleye and Hybrids Hit Night Topwaters yet

Got the report from Laurie about the Knee Deep Club's hybrid striped bass contest with 46 contestants. Results impress me, since so far, I've caught my hybrids in May, October, and November.

Bob Smith's eight-pound, six-ounce hybrid took first place, second place went to Brian Higgins at seven pounds, 12 ounces. Tyler Lambert had a six-pound, 13-ounce bass, Kevin Scanlon, six pounds, 12 ounces, and Eddie Mackin, six pounds, 10 ounces. These are all real nice bass bigger than my biggest in the photo, above, and I imagine many smaller got caught.

The catfish contest is coming up on August 15th and 16th.

Laurie also reports walleye and hybrids continue to get caught at night on topwater plugs, along with a few largemouths. Like last summer, persistent cool weather has pushed the season back. By now, normally this walleye and hybrid action is done, although hybrids get caught during the day on herring, at least some, particularly shortly after dawn. I haven't heard of trout being caught, however, as last summer rainbows came to the net in July.

Yesterday and today are hot ones, and for all we know, heat will come yet. (I'm one of the rare devils who thrives in hot weather like this.)

Looking forward to October! Looks my son and I will not fish Hopatcong this summer. Matt hiked in New Mexico until July 10th; we've always fished Hopatcong that first week in July.

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