Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trout Opening Day

It was tight. I couldn't find my leader wallet Thursday night, so that ruled out getting up for 8:00 a.m. starting time, since I spent the hour I would tie snell-hook leaders looking for that wallet. Took longer than an hour the next night to tie four leaders anyway. During that interim, I found snelling hooks--which I used to enjoy doing--impossible with my failing eyesight. Actually, I gave up snelling two or three years ago for this reason. Even wearing reading glasses that correct any problem reading--not using any right now--I can't judge leading the line through loops to get the knot. So now I just tie directly to the loop, which doesn't impart as direct a pull upon setting, but at least seems to make no difference.

We got to the Zoo nearly 11:00. That's what Fred's affectionately called the AT&T stretch. Or if he doesn't mean it that way, I do. I helped Matt get set up and let him cast and drift his glo-egg weighted by four snap swivels snapped onto a snap. A BB split shot would have been better for that high water. Had I remembered to bring any. I meandered around shooting photos.

"Hey, the spy from Field & Stream is photographing us!"

I let go a belly laugh and the guy laughed with me. All round, the scene had a good feeling that remained every bit as constant as the river current.

When I rejoined my son, he had missed two hits. I rigged up the same and soon caught a typical rainbow. Cool weather had no nip to it. It really felt very nice as I leaned against a tree trunk, leisurely pitching casts and keeping a tight drift, missing two hits before it began to feel repetitive and we quit.

No time for Peapack Brook and there didn't need to be. We went home to family comfort and reconnaissance; I cleaned the trout, and then drove off to my job.

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