Sunday, March 11, 2018

Loss and Sustenance

The only tree damage my family suffered, resulting from the big snow, is the bent and possibly broken-bent limb of our juniper in front of the condo. But I felt for others' loss, and even mentioned this sentiment to a customer where I work, who spoke of her broken trees. I'm pleasantly surprised to have got Robert Romano's latest blog post in my inbox on just this theme of loss, though I feel sorrow for his.

We never lost power. Other people still have none, perhaps. I know yesterday some were without, including a coworker, though his came on this morning, and I got no news today of anyone without.

There's a maple--huge--in my father's backyard I planted in 1972 or 1973. A transplanted seedling, a tree now with a trunk about three feet wide. Someday, that house where my father lives alone, down in Mercer County, will be owned by someone else. But I expect that tree to remain there on the property for many more years to come.

Romano's blog (He lives in Sussex County):

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